1. I have read properly and accepted all the terms and conditions without any complain.
2. I m 18 years plus and can make my own decision. 3 I have believed and trust on astrosaikia.com team.
4. I will abide by all terms and conditions whenever it may be.
5. I am happy and delighted to be a part of/ member in an astrosaikia.com.
6. What I paid for guiding my future to astrosaikia.com is my own money and paid it on my own will.
7. I will bear with astrosaikia for any inconvenience, technical problem or delays.
8. I will never go for any kind of legal complains on astrosaikia.com. If I do so then it will be cancelled by my statement.
9. Once paid, money will not be refundable.
10. Service will be eligible, once your money will be transfer to our account.
11. Any quires, any complain you can contact us, we will be happy to help you round d clock.
12. Any suggestion regarding the betterment and up gradation of our service and product is acceptable.
13. You cannot transfer or exchange your paid membership.
14. For any kind of technique problem, natural calamities, if service is interrogated that you/we have to support us there.
15. We are giving you service with our best knowledge and belief, if sometimes it proved wrong we are not responsible for that.
16. We are selling our service after studying your horoscope, which is an astrological assumption only.
17. If any kind of legal issue arises, it will be entitled only in Guwahati high court.
18. For any up gradation in service or up gradation in package is a matter of full payment of the total package value.
19. Services are depending upon the package you select.
20. Other then the package facilities then it are a purely paid service.